The band has cracking night in Buckingham. Now Devon!

October 21, 2013

Hi all

We had a fantastic night back at the Mitre in Buckingham last Thursday. At 8pm we were a little unsure as to whether a Thursday night was a good call. Thursdays have always worked OK for our Devon gigs but, for us in Buckingham, this was untried and untested. However, after a quick breath of fresh air and a pint out the back, we returned to a good crowd and lots of unexpected faces. The night just got better from there. We all really enjoy playing the Mitre. Despite it’s quirky layout, the sound is always good and there is a natural funnel effect towards the stage area.

Landlord, string arranger, composer and (most of all) Cellist Keith Templeman joined us on stage in the second half to play a couple of songs off our album; ‘East of Easy’ and ‘Walking Solo’ as well as our take on ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Mr. Blue Sky’. Keith and I can often be found, after a long Sunday drinking, sitting playing a few songs to the remaining few on a Sunday night. I brought the piano that sits in the Mitre up from one of our other regular haunts, the Cricket Inn in Beesands about 3/4 years ago and it is well used, I’m pleased to say. Not just by me. Quite often, someone with far more dexterous fingers than mine will hop on and make it sing.

It’s a wonderful piano which stood the test of being lugged up here in the Bullet van and barely went out of tune. It first went to our previous rehearsal studio at the Wheeler farm near Silverstone, then it made it’s final journey to the Mitre where it seems quite happy.

We added a couple of songs we haven’t played for years after we found out some old rehearsal recordings. The first was Codfish Aristocracy, a live version of which, from the Rob Wheeler show on the (now swallowed up by Heart radio) South Hams Radio in Devon, appeared on our ‘The Red Bullets’ EP.

The second was ‘Nothing To Hide’ and you can here the rehearsal recording of this on SoundCloud by Clicking Here. Both were written with our former bassist, John Bailey and I think they’re going to remain part of the set for the foreseeable future.

I’ve written some new songs and we’re hoping to put some demos together at the end of November in Ben’s home studio (studio first, home second!).

We’re currently putting some plans together for next year, taking time to shape what we want to do so watch this space as well as our Facebook Page and Twitter Account. I’ve been sending off some emails whilst I’ve been writing this blog, as things have come to me…

On Thursday we head off to play the Globe Inn in Frogmore and the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge, continuing a welcome theme of ‘gigs we love to do’. I know many of you are travelling down south for the two gigs, which we really appreciate. We will make it worth your while.

See you in Devon, or very soon.