Silverstone Woodlands, HERE WE COME!

July 1, 2014

The summer is in full swing and we have been flat out with gigs countrywide for the last few months since we returned from France, but this weekend is most definitely going to be our highlight of the year so far. Silverstone Woodlands Campsite have invited us back to play the Big Top on the Friday night of the British Grand Prix, again to a pumping F1 crowd topping 10,000.

I’m a huge F1 nut, so it’s always a real pleasure and really special to be involved in the weekend that the Grand Prix comes to Silverstone. This will be our 5th appearance for Duncan, Oly and their excellent crew on the Silverstone Woodlands Campsite and we’ve seen the place really blossom over those 5 years. Somehow, they always seem to make each year better than the last.

In addition to the crackling enthusiasm of the F1 crowd on the night before the weekend really gets going with Qualifying on the Saturday, we are also very lucky to get the chance to work with some top ‘industry leading’ technical personnel. The sound guy John, every year without fail, makes us sound better than we’ve ever sounded before.

He pulled off a blinder last year as well when he informed us that Eddie Jordan was going to join us for a song in our second set. That really pumped up the crowd for us before we handed over to DJ Frenic – another Silverstone Woodlands regular who always puts on an incredible show on the decks.

We don’t take this gig for granted in any way at all and know how lucky we are to get the opportunity to live the dream for a night – 5 years on the trot. That run will, of course, come to an end at some point as the site looks to change things around, so it’s even more important that we savour every second of the gig and put on a real show.

We hope to have lots of pictures to show you after the weekend and wish Lewis Hamilton a very successful Grand Prix – Oops! Am I allowed to write that here? – Oh well ;-)