Thanks to you all for a 2014 to remember

January 2, 2015

2014 was another busy year for us and when I look back it’s strange to think what we crammed in. Playing has been so enjoyable and we have a lot of fun away from the shows too, so last year just flew by.

Chamonix has to be one of the highlights. Two weeks playing at La Terrasse, in the company of loads of friends of the band and family who decided that this was a band wagon not to be missed. We’re currently putting together a little movie of the trip, but here’s a little taster: Chamonix – The Red Bullets: Trailer.

Then there were our gigs on HMS Illustrious. We played our first gig on this mammoth ship in March and then in August we were invited back to play for the Decommissioning party, which was a huge honour. The boat had been in service since 1982, so it was a sad day for all who sailed in her – but boy, did we give her a good send off!!

We have played our favourite haunts as well, like the Seven Stars, the Mitre, the Swan in MK Village and the Swan in Great Horwood, the Globe and of course one of the best gigs of the year for Thornborough Cricket Club in August.

Our biggest gig of the year, without doubt, was once again our appearance at the British Grand Prix on the Silverstone Woodlands Campsite in the Big Top. We love, love, love playing this gig and it was yet another night to remember. I think this year, we felt we belonged on that stage and put a performance together to match.

If had to pick my two favourite gigs 2014, the first would be our Red Bullets gig in the Town Hall in Buckingham back in November, where we played through almost the whole back catalogue of Red Bullets songs, stretching back to our formation in 2007. We included some songs which never made it past the demo stage, like ‘Emily’ and ‘We Walked’ and some songs from our EPs and album which don’t often get an airing like ‘Time of Your Life’, ‘Nothing to Hide’ and ‘Mr. Window’. There was a cracking turnout and we’ll look forward to doing it again!

The second of my favourite gigs was my solo gig at the Mill Street Bar & Grill in Kingsbridge and I was flattered that so many people travelled down to Devon just for the night. It was nice to give our songs a slightly different slant as well as playing some songs which we don’t play as a band, but I love. In fact, I’ve had a lot of requests for a repeat in the Buckingham area and, so as not to disappoint, this will be on Saturday 24th January at The Mitre.

2015 is looking like being a very special year as well. More to follow. Have a good one!