A new year, a new piano and a new outlook

February 23, 2016

Last year was quite a year. Soraia gave birth to our son Charlie in late Feb which really was the highlight of the year. Becoming a Father is an amazing and head spinning experience. That could be the end of blog :-)

In the blink of an eye your outlook changes and you have a love for a person who, 5 minutes before his launch onto the scene, you couldn’t even picture. I am well an truly a Dad now, but so thankful that I have music as well which, one day, Charlie will either enjoy or be mortified by… we wait and see. What is certain is that he is on track to out score me.

He made it to his first gig only 6 weeks old. Admittedly, he had to vacate the room before we started playing to preserve his ears, but he got to see us at our Botolph Claydon gig in July and seemed to enjoy the occasion if not specifically the music.

The best news so far this year is that Ben Weston is sticking with us. Ben too is a Dad and that comes first. Thankfully, we have come to an arrangement where he is going to be able to do both and where he can’t, we have James Ives to step in who is an amazing guitarist and a great guy.

We have a lot to look forward to this year, not least a booking in the South of France at the end of August. We will also be back in Devon at some point, soon I hope, and we have just confirmed a gig at the Butchers Arms in Fringford for Friday 22nd April.

I also have ambitions to get some new songs written in the coming months, especially now that I have my beautiful boyhood piano back in it’s rightful place… in my living room (sorry Mum and Dad).

I hope you’ll be able to get along to see us sometime and we’ll keep you posted as we book some more dates up.

See you soon