What a night!! The Bullets Crank Up Their Mojo

August 8, 2016

Last Saturday saw The Red Bullets return to play a packed Swan Inn, Great Horwood joined by both Stuart Hartland and Nick McNulty. The weather was scorching and the band were all very excited to play again with Stuart and Nick after a great rehearsal last week.

This was definitely a night to remember with a whole host of Bullets songs complimented by Stuart’s licks and riffs exactly as he recorded them on Drama In The Drawing Room. The crowd were also treated to solo performances from Stuart Hartland and our own Peter Edwards, who played a song he wrote for close friend Keith Templeman who recently passed away.

One of the highlights had to be their cover of Comfortably Numb. When Pete first spoke to Stuart all those years ago, Stuart told of how he had taken inspiration from David Gilmour; an anecdote that John Bailey recalled. John suggested to Pete that this was a must for the set, and how right he was!!

Rumour has it that Stuart will be back sooner than we thought… watch this space…