The Band

Consider the name: The Red Bullets. Just what were you expecting? Heavy metal? I don’t think so. Imagine, if you will, a sound reminiscent of Elton John fronting The Feeling and a band who owe as much to the fashionable melodrama of mid-70s era Steve Miller and Billy Joel as they do to… well, Supertramp! The band’s debut single East Of Easy (released on Bullet Records via Absolute in March 2012) is as close to a mission statement as you could get: East of easy, south of simple, west of where I wanna be/We all know the north is way too cold/Meet me in the middle, meet me in the middle/We can have a little paradise of our very own.” Co-written by BMI Award winning songwriter and Ivor Novello/Brit Award nominee Jamie Hartman (whose previous cohorts include Joss Stone, Will Young and The Wanted amongst others) East Of Easy is parked so firmly on that familiar central reservation it’s possible to order burgers and fries as you pass it by. Indeed, as you fall hopelessly in love with its incessant charms you’d do well to remember one thing: Not everyone wants to change the world. Some seek only to reflect it.

The Red Bullets comprise brothers and forming members Pete Edwards (piano, lead vocals) and Mark Edwards (drums, backing vocals) as well as Stuart Hartland (guitar) and David Cattermole (bass guitar). Pete and Mark formed the band in Buckingham in 2007. Former bassist, John Bailey, along with Pete, is responsible for much of the lyrical content on Drama In The Drawing Room, the band’s debut album, and the writing relationship that Pete and John share is as fluid and engaging as anything this decade will produce. Correspondingly, Drama In The Drawing Room is a revelation: fresh and uncontrived, it has that instant classic feel like something you’ve had knocking around the house for years. It’s the sound of someone hitting the ground running.

A brief history lesson: Born in Aylesbury in 1982 Pete Edwards is a classically trained pianist who started writing and recording when he was 16. Mark, his younger brother, is a drumming prodigy whose simple, effective technique belies his erstwhile existence as a drum tutor. Together, the pair’s live experiences include a British Grand Prix gig in front of 8000 people, three shows a day during a two week period at the Dubai Tennis Championships and an ill-advised foray into enemy territory when they accidentally appeared in Bristol in front of a metal crowd who were expecting Pantera. Yes, it’s that name again.

Some interesting footnotes: Drama In The Drawing Room was produced by Gavin Monaghan and Chris Porter, recorded at Rockfield, Vale Studios and Magic Garden Studios and mixed at Porterhouse and Magic Garden Studios. The band’s debut single, East Of Easy features George Michael’s guitarist, Graham Kearns and strings arranged by composer Nigel Hopkins whilst the strings and brass on Walking Solo, Time of Your Life and Mice Go Dancing were arranged by Keith Templeman and provided by Louis Robinson and the Destroyers.